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Aerial Filming from a plane Dragonfly Media


In 1998, Rob Farhi commenced trading as Blue Tongue Productions as a result of Golden West Media (GWN) closing their broadcast production studio on Fifth Street, Geraldton. (Now Fifth Street Furniture).

In 2003, the name changed to Dragonfly Media.

In 2007, Dragonfly Media was trademarked and purchased by current owners Mark and Anna Hollander.



At a very early age, Mark knew that his passion was video and photography. He bought his first camera as a teenager which led him to a career in the media industry.


Adelaide is where Mark honed his skills in commercial photography, video, and 3D animation where he worked for a Multimedia Department at Adelaide TAFE for over 15 years.

Since 2007, Mark has been the face of Dragonfly Media. His skill and experience are what make Dragonfly Media unique. His knowledge about the industry and the gear ensures that every shot and product meets the client's brief.

"I can't believe that I get to do this every day.

It beats working for a living!"

After working for News Limited in Adelaide for 7 years, 2005 seemed like the right time for a sea change to sunny Geraldton, Western Australia.

As a specialist in marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, and media. Anna is always helping out behind the scenes, whatever needs to be done whether it's holding a boom mic or writing a script.

"I love the variety of work that we do. It's a wonderful feeling when you see your videos positively impacting people and their business."

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